Caribbean Investment Bank
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Caribank was granted a banking license in September, 1990 and is regulated and supervised by The Central Bank of Barbados under the laws of the International Financial Services Act 2002.  Since then it has grown to become an important participant among privately owned banks in Barbados.


Caribank was founded in 1990 by business and investment professionals and is dedicated to acting with the highest level of integrity and commitment to excellence.  Directors and Management collectively have a significant number of years of experience in banking, asset management and other financial business.  Caribank is a whole owned subsidiary of Fundeco Inc., a company incorporated in the province of Ontario, Canada.  Fundeco is an investment company that started its activities in 1984.  Fundeco’s investments include real estate, building product companies and financial services.


Caribank was one of the founders and lead investor in IAMGOLD Corporation.  Today IAMGOLD is a leading mid-tier gold mining company producing approximately one million ounces of gold annually from 9 gold mines on 3 continents.  IAMGOLD is Caribank’s most successful investment thus far, and the company looks forward to the future growth of IAMGOLD as well as its other investments.

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